Butcher Jones // Mesa, AZ // Kaila & Zeran

I automatically like a couple more when they are willing to do a sunrise photoshoot. Now don’t get me wrong… I am NOT a morning person. I like to sleep in and I do not like to wake up before the sun does. But I am always willing to if it’s for photos! There is something so special about driving to a gorgeous location in the dark and seeing the sky lighten as you get closer. Then feeling it start to warm up as you see the rays peak over the horizon.

Kaila and Zeran were completely okay with getting to the location at sunrise. We might have been in Phoenix but it still is VERY cold in the morning, especially by the water. These two were such troopers, snuggling up in the cold for photos. Kaila rocking her dress like it was 70 degrees out.

We were hoping for some Salt River horses to make an appearance at Butcher Jones Recreation Site, but we didn’t get so lucky. However because they weren’t there we had the place to ourselves. I had been at the same place a couple days earlier location scouting, I saw 20 Salt River horses grazing and playing, but there were also a few people there to capture photos of the beautiful creatures.

This couple session was a birthday present for Kaila. She was so excited because she had never had photos taken with her man. The two are going to school in the valley and you can tell how much they adore each other when you are around them.

My favorite part of the session was when I asked Kaila and Zeran to hang out in the middle of a (mostly) dead road. Any photographer loves an opportunity to take photos in a usually busy place like a road!

The Salt River is SO gorgeous, I don’t think I will ever get tired of shooting there.