Doe Mountain // Sedona, AZ // Gaby & Zane Engagement Session

Gaby and Zane… so many things I could say about this perfect couple. They reached out to me after seeing the photos I took of their friends Sidney and Sam… and I am so glad they did! I knew right away that they were my type of people, Gaby asked me if I would be willing to do a photoshoot in Sedona. She sent me example images of couples in epic locations. I was so excited because I knew that they had the same vision I did when thinking of a Sedona engagement. You can’t not take advantage of the epic scenery.

Gaby also asked if she could bring their dog along… if you know any one thing about me, it should be that I am OBSESSED with dogs. I would rather be around dogs than most people, if we’re being totally honest. Bear is a sweet pup that runs around getting distracted by all of the smells, but he always comes back to his mom and dad. Pups are ALWAYS welcome at photoshoots. Please do not ever hesitate to ask if your pup can come along.

Gaby is SUCH a trooper, it was cold and windy and she wore a skirt while hiking up to the top of Dove Mountain… she also hiked in her heels! All along the way I asked if she was okay and if she wanted to change; she was totally fine. And we got stunning photos from the top! It was well worth the hike.

Once we got down, we put Bear in their car and pulled out the giant number balloons that Gaby brought announcing their wedding date. It proved to be very difficult to capture so many balloons facing the proper way on a very windy day. I was embarrassed to have accidentally let one of their balloons float away when the string came untied. We managed to get a few shots, but don’t plan on balloon shots always working, weather is a factor that needs to be considered. I am always willing to try a fun idea though! After the shoot, Zane invited me to dinner and I was happy to accept.

Gaby and Zane are high school sweethearts. They met in class when Gaby moved to Arizona. I always adore a good high school love story that turns into a lifetime of happiness; especially when it is so clear that the two are made for each other. Zane held the door open for Gaby and checked her out as if he was seeing her for the first time.

Emily Frankel