Hacienda De Rosa's // Mesa, AZ // Wedding // Jenna & Edward

This amazing couple hired me for one of my first ever engagement sessions, so this spring wedding was extra special to me. Jenna & Edward used to work with me right after I graduated from high school--they weren’t even dating at the time. Years later, when they got engaged, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to take their engagement photos! So you can imagine how excited I was to finally capture their wedding day!

The two had a long engagement and approached the wedding in a very relaxed manner. They knew that they would end up together no matter what, so there was no need to stress over the little details. This was also nice because Jenna trusted me entirely when it came to my suggestions. She was open to my timeline and agreed when I suggested they do a first look. Jenna was such a grateful bride, the sort that vendors are happy to do anything for.

The venue, Hacienda de Rosa’s, is a beautiful Mexican restaurant in Mesa, AZ. They have an amazing area in the back for weddings.  There’s a lawn for the ceremony and a cozy seating area for the reception, all of it nestled under gorgeous string lights that warm the area once the sun goes down.

When I got to the venue, Edward was there already, casually getting ready to marry his bride. He posed for a few photos and then went to prepare before their first look. When Jenna came, I just about died after seeing how incredible she looked. Jenna is a beautiful woman, and her dress complimented her in all the right ways. Upon the stunning bride’s arrival, she brought over Edward’s daughter Gaby. Jenna gave her a necklace and in return Gaby gave her the most loving hug.

Soon, I took them aside and let them share their first look. The two were instantly even more happy and relaxed when they got together. They stood hand in hand looking at one another; when Edward asked me if he could kiss her I said, “YES, please!”

We had originally planned to hide Jenna away so her guests would not see her. However, once a couple of people had arrived she decided to stay out and greet her guests, as it helped ease her nerves. Not every tradition during a wedding day has to be right for you; I have had quite a few weddings where the bride chose not to make her entrance a surprise.

The ceremony was wonderfully heartfelt as they held hands and read personal vows. Without a doubt the most amazing part of the ceremony was when Jenna called Gaby up so she could read vows to the young girl. In these vows, the bride promised to love her new daughter, to be there for her, and to be the best mother she could. Gaby was overwhelmed with love and hugged Jenna tightly, crying into her new mother’s arms. At that moment, no one could manage to keep their tears in... including me.

The reception was calm yet elegant. The guests all mingled and ate delicious Mexican food under the string lights. The children at the wedding ran around playing freeze tag and doing cartwheels.

Jenna and Edward are the perfect couple, having fun together while supporting one another. They were already a family… the wedding just made it official. I am so lucky that I was able to be there for their day.