Moran Point // Grand Canyon National Park // Marleigh & TJ

Waking up at 4am is very rarely worth it to me… but waking up at 4am to drive to the Grand Canyon for sunrise with an amazing couple and a photographer friend is worth it any time. My friend, Jessie, and I love doing creative photo adventures together; it is so awesome to have people in my life that can help boost my creativity. Jessie and I have shot together many times and we balance one another perfectly.

Marleigh and TJ are obviously an amazing couple just because of the fact that they were up for our adventure. We met in a parking lot in Flagstaff, they all piled in my car and then Jessie, Marleigh, TJ, my dog, Bubbles, and I all drove to the Grand Canyon… arriving just in time for the sun to rise.

Marleigh and TJ were such troopers. Our location, Moran Point, was incredibly windy as the sun rose. It is a stack of rocks jutting out into the canyon, this means that all of the wind from the changing pressure rises up. It was very cold, Jessie and I were bundled up, I was wearing gloves, and, in spite of the weather, Marleigh was brave enough to wear a dress at the end. Photographers always want women to wear gorgeous long dresses because they create incredible drama and movement in our images. Movement is always good for photos!

I was also very excited to take Bubbles with me! She is an AZ pup, and I was stoked to finally visit the Grand Canyon with my little old lady after 12 years! And luckily Jessie was there to snap some amazing photos of me and Bubs in an incredible place.

I am always up for an adventure to a special place. Couples that are willing to do this for photos are absolutely my favorite type of people to work with. So, if you have been wanting to explore a new place with your significant other, let me know and I’ll tag along and capture it.