Salt River // Mesa, AZ // Baylee & Namman

I was so lucky to have the opportunity to mentor with one of my favorite photographers, Andie Avery Photography, and, along with that, I was lucky enough to photograph an incredible couple! Baylee and Namman met us near the Salt River for some gorgeous desert shots.

Baylee and Namman are an adorable couple that had gotten married a few months before our shoot. They were the perfect levels of playful and sweet, basically they were a dream to photograph. They giggled and played while Andie and my shutters snapped away; we didn’t want to miss a single cute moment.

If you haven’t been to the Salt River area in AZ, you are definitely missing out! This was actually my first time going there and I have done multiple shoots there since because I loved it so much. There are gorgeous cacti to give you a desert vibe, or you can go closer to the river and get some lush green settings; in the summer you can even take a dip in the water! If you’re very lucky, you will see some of the gorgeous Salt River horses frolicking or grazing in the grass.

In Arizona there are always a lot of photographers in beautiful places during the golden hour. Luckily, the Salt River has enough space that you can wander away to avoid people popping into your background. Still, I can’t help but wonder what it would be like to live somewhere where you can easily find a place with no other portrait photographers around.

This will probably be one of my favorite sessions for a long time. Baylee is gorgeous, but still willing to walk around barefoot for photos, and Namman is sweet, but still messes around with his wife enough to get tons of natural laughter. Like I said, a dream to work with.