Tumbleweed Sanctuary // Joshua Tree // Styled Shoot

Let me tell you about one of the best days I have ever had….

Beba Vowels is an amazing photographer based out of Southern California. She hosted an incredible retreat outside of Joshua Tree National Park. It was the first retreat I had been to and I was so nervous.  But, after I got there, those worries melted away when meeting the most amazing group of women.

As soon as we all arrived at the meeting spot, we drove into the park. Beba had a sunset shoot planned with the most amazing couple, Jordie and Eric.  They drove all the way from Arizona just for the evening. They were giggly-fun, gorgeous, and knew what they were doing. Everyone was in awe of the incredible photos that they helped us capture.

At one point a park ranger stopped to talk to us.  He said we technically needed a permit to be shooting with so many people (12 photographers), but he let us off with a warning, luckily.

Then we went back to the airbnb for dinner and a steamy milk bath shoot of Jordie. She climbed into the bath and seemed like a goddess as her man looked on in awe, along with 6 other photographers.

The next day we had an in home shoot with another AMAZING couple. Chelsea and Andrew came in with a bottle of tequila and a suitcase of clothing options. We had them jump onto the couch, jam out to some records, and then get into the shower. They were adorable and in love for every part.

The day was just getting started, as we had not one but TWO styled shoots at Tumbleweed Sanctuary that afternoon. The couples she found were just as sweet as the two before. The ladies toughed it out through freezing weather as we worked to capture some more delightful images. Beba planned it all perfectly; the dresses were stunning, the flowers were unique and super bohemian, and the HMU artist was incredibly talented. Everything about the day was perfect.

The last morning at the airbnb, we woke up for a sunrise shoot with Chelsea and Andrew. They met us at a cool abandoned house where they snuggled up in sweaters and kissed in the rising sun rays. We then went to Chelsea’s aunts house, where the couple hid in a phone booth and climbed on the garage roof.  Lastly, we went to find some Joshua trees, where the two ran down a road and climbed into their badass Jeep.

Beba knows how to make magic. Every single couple she found was stunning and kind, and every vendor we got to work with was so talented. I recommend going to an event like this for anyone looking to expand their horizons. It is a week I will never forget. The opportunity to meet such wonderful women, and work alongside them, was so special to me. I made lasting friends that I know I have so much more to learn from.

Host: https://www.instagram.com/bebavowels/

Wedding Venue: https://www.instagram.com/tumbleweedsanctuary/

Florals: https://www.instagram.com/wyld_blooms/

Dresses: https://www.instagram.com/ruedeseinebridal/



Tuxedos: https://www.instagram.com/friartux/

Hair & Makeup: https://www.instagram.com/hairbykayti/

Swigrig bar: https://www.instagram.com/theswigrig_sd/