Why you should definitely book an engagement session:

So you just got engaged… congratulations! You’re so excited and can’t wait to start planning your wedding. But, don’t forget to enjoy your engagement, you will never be engaged again and you should appreciate this time in your life! One great way to celebrate your engagement is to get engagement photos taken.

So here’s what you do… first step: CELEBRATE! Next step: book an engagement photoshoot! Final step: Post the photos everywhere to announce your exciting news! Last step: Celebrate some more!

But why should you get engagement photos taken? To remember this time in your life! Your engagement and wedding day go by in a hurry, then your married life begins. After your wedding day, it becomes easy to make excuses why you shouldn’t take photos. When you are old and grey with your husband or wife you will look back on these photos from when you first fell in love and be so appreciative of all that you have accomplished together. You will see the excited young couple that you were and know that you have grown together in love and life.

A less sentimental, but just as good a reason, Save The Dates! People you love will be so much more excited to see an invitation or Save The Date with your lovely faces on them. It is a special way to make something that might be forgotten more memorable! And if you are on the Save The Dates, your family and friends are more likely to save them as a keepsake. Bonus, you can use the photos on your wedding website as well.

Next up, getting to know your photographer! Your wedding day is a blur of people and it helps to see friendly faces amongst the vendors. Your average person doesn’t get professional photos taken regularly; having engagement photos taken lets you get used to how it feels and to learn your photographer’s shooting style. This way, you will be comfortable in front of the camera on your big day! You also will know that you like your photographer’s work and you won’t be worried about receiving images that you don’t like. Plus, it feels more like having another friend at your wedding, rather than a stranger following you around.

The final and most fun reason. It’s fun! Why would you not want to have a romantic date night with your fiancé? Seriously, that’s what an engagement session is! All you have to do is show up and cuddle. Yeah, the photographer will be there; we’re just a third wheel with a camera! It’s not weird though, I promise.

So there you go! Four excellent reasons to book an engagement photographer: precious memories that you will cherish throughout your marriage, photos for your Save The Dates, getting to know your photographer, and a super fun date night!