Mount Humphreys // Flagstaff, AZ Engagement Session // Jenna & Jose

Taking photos on the mountain in Flagstaff is something I never get tired of. Engagement sessions up there always offer incredible light and beautiful scenery. Jenna & Jose met me at the Snowbowl parking lot and from there we walked to an aspen grove. You can’t get engagement photos in the fall without getting some shots in the aspens.

As we walked down, I could tell they were a little nervous, most people are before we start taking photos. As soon as I had them snuggle up in front of the camera they opened up and I knew we weren’t going to have any problems; although, come to think of it, every one of my couples is amazing in the end.

Jenna & Jose met in high school. They’re one of those couples that has a hard time pinpointing exactly how long they’ve been together because they were friends first and then started dating, but it’s somewhere around 7 years. You can really tell, they are so sweet and comfortable around one another.

Jose was my first client to request a Spiderman kiss! I always love special suggestions from clients. This is something I would not have thought of but it turned out really sweet. I love when my clients have fun ideas for photos! I’m always open to anything.

The proposal story is pretty killer, too! She said he just winged it, but I find that hard to believe! They had an all nighter starting in Phoenix, then they ended up in Sedona at an observatory for sunrise. Jose told Jenna to look through a telescope, when she couldn’t see anything she turned around frustrated, only to find Jose on his knee with a ring. A truly gorgeous ring, I have to add!

We parted ways for a couple hours, only to meet again once the sun had set. Jenna had a special request; photos of them under the stars of Flagstaff. We met at Buffalo Park on the chilly, but luckily clear, night. Jenna wore the dress she had on when Jose proposed to her. They toughed it out and held still for me so I could get some gorgeous long exposure shots.

Jenna and Jose were silly and cuddly, they climbed trees and danced allowing me to get some dreamy fall photos. I already can’t wait for their wedding next October, it’s always guaranteed to be beautiful with such a special couple. Capturing their engagement photos was a special experience that took us into the night.